Zaruga Philips

15 October 2019

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It's embarrassing to be denied opportunities simply because the style of your hair. My project explores different hair styles and tells a story behind every picture, For example, the feeling you have after leaving the salon with a new cut; or the styling of your hair for special occasions. High expectations and stereotype has caused many to hate their appearance. Change starts with us, than the world.

3 September 2019

My Thesis will focus on black hair culture and self love. It will focus on the roots black people hair and societies’ perception. It will explain other women truth, stories and experiences with their hair. The essential goal is to promote self-love within the black community, and encourage natural hairstyle.

May 2019

My insecurities with my hair started in the 6th grade and through high school. I was humilated on many occasions especially when I changed my hairstyle. People laughed at my hair, and there will be those who would question whether it was real or not. I tried hard to mask my appearance by wearing braids, weave, and many different hair style. The rejection of not being attractive enough because of my hair, gave me the impression that I’ll never be beautiful in anyone’s eyes.

The topic of black girls embracing their Natural hair is something that needs to be addressed, because at some point we all want to be comfortable within our own skin. Many black women are judged and denied opportunities on several occasion because of the texture or style of their hair. We allow them to take charge and it shouldn’t be that way. Every person should take pride owing their blackness and diversity. My overall message of this topic is for women to own their Hair, rock it however you desire, and stop hiding and embrace their true identity. I want every beautiful brown skin girl to be Unapologetic. It doesn't matter if your hair is straight, wavy, curly, coily or kinky. Because you are enough. My paper will focus on the history of African hair styles. I will photograph and redesign some of the famous African hair look. I will also illustrate a children coloring book of black hair styles.

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