Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Monday, December 9, 2019

New print

I have some other stuff to bring in tomorrow but I wanted to post one of my new babies :) carved and printed today

Mono/Etching prints

These turned out kinda ehh, they need something else, not quite sure yet.



Wednesday, December 4, 2019

I want to pursue this but I don't know how

The next thing I decided to do was repeat the same outline of a shape I took from the mirror mask. Even though I was going around the same shape multiple times the lines ended up shifting and creating an almost three-dimensional ripple. Not sure what to do with this information, input appreciated.

odd shapes and lines

I took what we discussed in class about repetition and drew the exact same thing four times. Even though I lined up the drawings they still managed to come out different. I noticed that each time I traced the mirror mask I was able to spot more detail. The more I drew of the same section I wanted to make it as accurate as possible. I slowed down and looked at the detail and take the time to know the image. This is a similar thought process to knowing another individual. What we see the first time may look different from the second or third time because now you have gotten to experience them as their true being rather than their physical image. Each time you see the same person their face probably appears to look different each time because you either have a positive or negative reaction to them. 

Alien Boy by Oliver Tree


Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Short Circuits

Short Circuits

Alain De Botton
There are people we’d long ago have forgotten about if they hadn't started to ignore us.

An epidemic of loneliness is created by the misguided idea that the only cure to loneliness is a romantic relationships.

We don't fall in love with those who will make happy so much as with those who feel familiar.

Joy Harjo
There’s a lullabye. Made to calm the ruler of sharp things.

Remembering and imagination enter and leave from the same area of the soul.

We cannot escape memory; but curry it in us like a huge organ with lungs sucking air for survival. It is an organ like the skin, covering everything, but from the inside.

Don Paterson
A style is a strategy of evasions.

Hell is an enforced solitude, heaven a voluntary one.

I love the way we all suddenly stop traducing our enemy when we hear they have a cancer or have suffered a stroke. If only we could always keep in the front of our minds that we are all dying.

A poem is a little machine for remembering itself.

Beware the obsessive between obsessions: if his brain doesn't eat itself, it will eat yours.

The worst thing about thinking nothing of yourself is that you assume that your behavior has no consequence. This makes you much more dangerous than the egomaniac, who at lest spends all his time calculating for his own effect.

Charles Bernstein
Abolishing reason will never free thought.

Even a liar sometimes must tell the truth.

All texts are orphans.

Seldom is grief misplaced.
Every journey takes a turn.

Truth is in pieces.

Perception is the finest trick of the mind.

The truth remains to be seen.

Ignorance is learned.

There is a safety in numbers until your number is up.

To secure beauty and truth, practice insecurity.

I thought I knew. I should have known better.

An ocean separates art from life, but still there shorelines match.

Like language, a culture lives by, or dies for lack of, translation.

They also swerve who don't command much freight.

To invent a vocabulary adequate to the unspeakable.

The inner world and the outer. Only what inhabits neither can see both.

The nothing that is not aware, and the nothing that is.

Extension of who I listen to enlarges what I hear.

Eric Jarosinksi
Think of where you last saw it.
See if its still there.
If its not, ask yourself why it left.
If it is, ask yourself why didn't you stay.

Only two problems with the world today.
The world.
And 2. Today.
Three, if you count tomorrow.

Someday we will read the terms.
We will read the conditions.
We will wonder why we ever agreed to them.
And check yes.

The good news:
Technology has brought us closer together.
The bad news:
Please see above.

The poets remember it.
A time when words meant something.
Something important.
For which there are no words.

George Murray
Yes may grow from maybe, but maybe seldom grows from no.

Those who have least are most qualified.

You don't own privacy, you share it.

You need only to change your shoes to change your point of view.

Over break I read a lot of the Short Circuits book, now that I have new material I really wanna start focusing on the language. This book was a really nice thing to have because now I have short, long and broken ones to explore. My favorite quotes so far are the ones from Eric Jarosinksi. For Thursday I'll have books exploring the language of some of these quotes.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Spreads v2

- 5x7 page, 10x7 spread, or could be doubled in size
- 15 point font
- Currently sits at 24 pages with having some pages as full text

I've sent another couple reminder posts out for people to keep responding to the form. I want it to have way more prints in it but I most likely won't get enough text for that. So I'm thinking I can have some spreads throughout that are just prints. It'll allow me to have more imagery in there while also making sure I'm not pairing any single print with any single line of text. 

open tabs, week 15

along with other classes, Seminar was cancelled on Tuesday 3 December.
post work.
I will comment.

remember, everyone is invited to comment.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

I went out and attempted to take some photos

I went out and attempted to take some photos of the reflections that I tried to capture but it didn't go the way I wanted it to go due to the lack of detail and some of the reflections out blurry. John Colan suggested that I should try to doodle more. The doodles I do have, they are all quite repetitive and not much imaginative drawing. Meaning I don't really doodle anything other than typefaces and faces (typical), but even then it is just me trying to copy the type I find online. I face I draw all the time from memory, each time I draw a "new" face it ends up looking similar to the last one I drew.

Anyways, I somehow decided I should trace or copy some of the lines and shapes I see in the mask. I ended up tracing the same group of lines over and over, however, each time I had to shift the image underneath the tracing paper it looked different every time.