Saturday, August 31, 2019

Thesis Tweet - Arielle

I focus on patterns and repetition. Why are there natural patterns ingrained in our lives? I want to say something about natural anomalies with art and minimal text.

Monday, August 26, 2019


for Tuesday 3 September —

  1. tweet character length summary of your thesis. 140 characters or less? 280 characters or less? but not more.

    emphasize your theme and your approach to your theme, rather than what you imagine the physical results will be.

    the shorter the better. wordspaces count as a character space.

    please post these summaries to the blog. let me know if you have any trouble, and we'll troubleshoot!

  2. read everyone's thesis proposal, and think about them. look for common threads, even threads that are not explicitly mentioned... that are somehow hidden or potential in the work. for example, we talked about "faces" today; also fiction/fact; patterns (including signal/noise relationships).
  3. bring in or post visuals or text that you are working with.
  4. if inclined, please read the two reviews of Jenny Edkins her Face Politics (2015); they are stapled together.

the designologue twitter hasn't been active in a while. maybe we can reactivate it.

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